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Book Giveaway: Unrestricted Rising by David Torres

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Unrestricted Rising by David   Torres

Unrestricted Rising

by David Torres

Giveaway ends October 31, 2014.

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Restricted Renegade (Restricted Saga #1)

In a futuristic world that seems all too peaceful, Rachel Mercer finally bridges to become an adult.

Once trained as a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer), she quickly realizes that things aren’t what they seem while being trained at an accelerated rate with the new and curious technology of the A.R.E.S. Things take a turn for the unexpected when an all too mysterious and charming gentleman—David—appears in her life, who hides his identity of being a Congressman-to-be from her.

But that is only one side of his heavy secret. As trouble catches up, Rachel discovers him to be an Unrestricted-people who she was trained to hate and kill with extreme prejudice.

As they flee to the Restricted area for safety where she is then encountered with the choice of joining their cause, or die loyal to her corrupt nation. In an epic journey filled to the brim with suspense, action, and stop-your-heart romance, she is encountered with two choices: To remain loyal to her nation and live happily ever after, blind to all the injustices and corruption around her and lose her chance at love, or become an Unrestricted, opening her heart to David and fight for what she truly believes is right.

Once decided, there is no going back.

Unrestricted Rising (Restricted Saga, #2)

Unrestricted Rising (Restricted Saga #2)

5.0 of 5 starAfter liberating County #203 LEOs from the influence of the ARES broadcast, Rachel must face her demons and take her place within the Unrestricted Forces. But when Uh-Kuh is conquered by a feral group of humans the Unrestricted call The Rats, Rachel is dead set on rescuing her mother and friends.

With County #203 in need of leadership, a long lost friend—Melody Vandergeld, who seems to be hiding ulterior motives—convinces David to take up the role of Congressman. But when David renegades to the Mainland for an unknown reason, Rachel is left questioning who or what caused this betrayal.

With Uh-Kuh taken over and David missing, it is now up to Rachel to liberate Uh-Kuh and rescue David. Sacrifices must be made.

The War has only just begun.

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