Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Argo - My Movie Review

Argo2012R120 minutes

In 1979, when Iranian militants seize the American embassy, six Americans slip into the Canadian embassy for protection, prompting the CIA to concoct an elaborate plot to rescue them by pretending that they are filmmakers rather than diplomats.

My Review:

The story of Argo is based on a real-life CIA operation, which was kept in a Top Secret file and concealed from the eyes of the public for years.

To solve an Iranian hostage situation, a CIA special agent comes up with the idea to disguise the hiding American Embassy workers as Canadian filmmakers and fly them out of Iran. When you read the summary of the movie you may rightfully ask why the CIA would conduct such a strange and difficult operation to smuggle people out of Iran. But when you see the movie you’ll understand that, in a country where the citizens are Middle Eastern people and they are searching the entire city to find the missing Americans, it’s nearly impossible for a foreigner to go unnoticed.

The screenwriter deftly weaves his political opinion about this situation into the manuscript, showing Americans how our politicians’ careless decisions can enrage an entire nation against America.  And not just any nation, but a fanatical, overly passionate nation, capable of doing anything to take revenge on us.

Ben Affleck has matured, both in appearance and professionally. He directed and stars in the movie, and gave 100 % to both. The movie is different, yet very entertaining. At times I felt as if I were watching a documentary. Well done, Ben Affleck. You deserve every award you receive for this masterpiece. 

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