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Author Interview: David Torres author of Restricted Renegade (Restricted #1)

Restricted Renegade (Restricted #1)

Restricted Renegade (Restricted #1)

In a futuristic world that seems all too peaceful, Rachel Mercer finally bridges to become an adult.

Once trained as a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer), she quickly realizes that things aren’t what they seem while being trained at an accelerated rate with the new and curious technology of the A.R.E.S. Things take a turn for the unexpected when an all too mysterious and charming gentleman—David—appears in her life, who hides his identity of being a Congressman-to-be from her.

But that is only one side of his heavy secret. As trouble catches up, Rachel discovers him to be an Unrestricted-people who she was trained to hate and kill with extreme prejudice.

As they flee to the Restricted area for safety where she is then encountered with the choice of joining their cause, or die loyal to her corrupt nation. In an epic journey filled to the brim with suspense, action, and stop-your-heart romance, she is encountered with two choices: To remain loyal to her nation and live happily ever after, blind to all the injustices and corruption around her and lose her chance at love, or become an Unrestricted, opening her heart to David and fight for what she truly believes is right.

Once decided, there is no going back.
PaperbackFourth Edition536 pages
Published March 20th 2014 by Createspace

David Torres

What was the craziest thing you have ever done?

I would have to say going on a 2 week backpacking trip in New Mexico. Not only was there a huge thunderstorm the first night where the water was seeping into the tent, I also had to drag a burro with me for three days, climb up Mt. Baldy of an elevation of 12,400 feet, "read a magazine" in a pit with a wooden stool to sit on called a latrine, but I had to end the whole trip with 3 miles of useless switchbacks that was just taunting since I could see base camp right in front of me, and yet I had to follow long switchbacks when I could just cross though the trails and make it in half an hour. I had 27 blisters and was nicknamed Chief Blisterfoot by the others. What an honor.

What inspired you to write Restricted Renegade?

I never liked reading. But around my sophomore year in high school, books didn't seem so bad. Except the ones we were forced to read like Ethan Frome and the Death of a Salesman. But others that I read on my own, i found that I liked very much. And somewhere around 4 am, I woke with a start with the ridiculous, yet exciting idea to write a book. And I decided to see where my thoughts led me.

How would you describe your protagonist?

Rachel starts off as timid and fragile, but as the story continues, she finds strength within herself, and really blossoms to who she really is. Determined and headstrong to a fault that makes her stubborn. Daring, not fearless, but brave enough to overcome the fear. Kind, but can always change if provoked. Two perfect words to describe Rachel... would be Rebel Heart.

What is your dream as an author?

While fame and fortune would be nice, it isn't what motivated me to publish and distribute Restricted Renegade. I want as many people to read it because it has crucial moral messaged and meanings that I want to share with people so they can hopefully take its meanings to heart.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Being a sucker for romance, absolutely. I have felt like that once before. But I still have yet to experience True love at first sight. Fingers crossed she's looking for me as much as I am looking for my Rebel Heart.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

I would like to go to Europe. Doesn't matter where. I still have yet to travel around the U.S. but I would like Europe. Never know where I might find inspiration and come up with a new idea for a book.

What impact does a bad review have on you?

I don't have many reviews, and so far I haven't had any negative reviews. But if I were to get one, which is inevitable, I would pretty much be bummed out, honestly. I understand that not anyone can like my book. But it would still leave a bitter taste in my mouth knowing I have failed, especially if the review offers some valid points. If it is biased and just nonsense, I suppose I'd just shrug it off and drink some lemonade.

Now that you've read criticisms about your work, do you wish you could re-write it and start over or not and why?

There are things I would like to improve, especially now that I've gained some experience in writing. But I wouldn't want to re-write the whole thing. Sure, it's a book and I want it to be as great as I can make it. But this is my first novel, I can't expect perfection. And I can't expect it to be a best seller or have the best artistic writing and descriptions. The art I see in this book, it's beauty is not just the story, but it represents what I've went through for all the three long years of writing it, and what went through my mind and all the hard work I put into it. And it was the best I could do at the time. And for that, it is the most beautiful work of art I have ever made.

Can readers expect more books from you in the future?

Most definitely. Restricted Renegade is only Book 1 of the series. There's more to come and I am almost finished with the first draft of Book 2. Every time I have an idea for a new book, I always jot it down in my super secret highly encrypted secure folders in my heavily guarded hard drive. SO that once I am finished with the current book, I can polish the idea and try writing something of it. Now that I have had a taste the thrill of writing can give to a fellow man, I find that I want more. And I won't stop. Not anymore.

Did you model the Character David Thompson after yourself?

Absolutely not. David was just a name that I found as good as any other. But every character in Restricted Renegade does have a certain element from me, and were also modeled after people I do know.

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