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Molly's Diary Reveal Day 2/15 VICTOR - A Fields of Elysium Blog Hop

If you missed Day 2 of Molly's Diary Reveal here it is. :)
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Day 2: Victor 
Victor Sorren is an orphan Arkanian, a Sentinel Apprentice, an Ecmentur contestant, and a hater of people from Earth. He's seventeen years old but he is aging five times faster than Molly because of the time differences between the two planets. What's so special about him? His relationship with Molly is the key to Arkana's freedom, only he doesn't not it yet. 

Fields of Elysium
A YA romantic fantasy 

As I soaked my feet in the warm water, scrutinizing the boys and scratching Pandora’s head, I couldn’t erase the memory of the light I found in the cave from my mind. Everything seemed so normal around here. It must have been only a gas cloud or a trick of the light. Despite the hot weather and the guys’ fashion-forward outfits, I was sure that I was still on Earth, and not somewhere in outer space.
I quickly reassured myself that everything was fine and took the opportunity to study the boys a little bit more in detail. They all had lean, athletic bodies. Only Edwin had a little belly and Ben looked more skinny than muscular. My lips curved upwards as I remembered the comment Weston made about Ben’s ears. He did have big ears and combined with his hairless head he looked cute. Ben was the clown of the group, no doubt, performing crazy dives and spins off the cliff, coming up behind others and jumping up on their backs, pushing them underwater.
Victor on the other hand seemed like the serious guy of the team. He was having fun just like the rest of them, but aside from a half smile here and there, he showed no real emotion. There were four parallel scars carved into his smooth chest, giving me the idea that he might have wrestled with bears.
Who are these people? I wondered.
From the corner of my eyes I spotted Weston pulling himself up out of the pool, flexing a V shaped muscle on his back I didn’t even know we had. As the water dripped down on his lightly tanned skin, he planted his teasing eyes on me. I broke into a sweat once again. My heart wanted to jump out of my chest as I watched him walking towards me with such elegance. I became fidgety as if I were sitting on a colony of fire ants. I tried to hide my discomfort – very unsuccessfully no doubt – but I didn’t know what to do with my hands. First I crossed them on my chest, then I sat on them, finally I just grabbed the edge of the flat boulder I was sitting on.
“You should really join us,” Weston said, shaking the water out of his hair.
“I’m good here. It’s quite entertaining watching you guys.” I swallowed hard.
“We’ll go to the slide now. You should try it out.”
“What slide?”
“In the cave.” He looked at me with suspicion. “You know where it is, right?”
“No, not really,” I said between tight lips. “And I don’t have anything to wear either.”
Weston tilted his head a bit, studied me for a second, and turned to the boys who were still goofing off in the water. Only Victor held himself up by his crossed arms resting on a rocky ledge by the poolside. His eyes were dark and penetrating.
“Does anyone of you guys have an extra outfit? Anything that Molly could put on?” Weston yelled, cupping his hands around his mouth.
“I have a shirt and a pair of shorts,” Victor offered, his voice causing my heart to skip a beat. What is going on with me? Why am I so emotional?
Then it happened again. My mouth went dry, my pulse throbbed, and my palms became sweaty. They certainly were the coolest guys I ever met yet my body’s reactions threw me off balance. It alarmed me.
Before I could say no, Victor leaped out of the water and I watched his tanned and muscular legs walking to his backpack. I was too shy to look him up and down, despite having a strong desire to do so. Confused by these unknown feelings, I forced myself to stand up.
“Problem solved,” Weston said, clapping his hands once. “The last one to the slide has to skin the prey,” he shouted, and he sprinted behind the hill that guarded the lake from the east side, a fifty-foot swell with flourishing green parasite plants.
The others ran after Weston, jostling each other and laughing. Only Victor didn’t stir, just stayed statue-like, gazing at me.
“Thanks,” I mumbled, taking the clothes from his hands, avoiding his eyes.
From the touch of his fingers a strange feeling rippled through me. My eyes found Victor’s, and from his glare, suspicion sneaked into my mind. He must have smelled out that something was off with me. It was only a matter of time for him to start asking questions.
“You can keep them if you want,” he said flatly.
“Just until my stuff dries,” I opposed, feeling the urgent need to chew on my nails again. Instead I just massaged the back of my neck.
“Take your shoes off and let’s go then,” he said as he pulled the leather strip out of his damp golden hair. He leaned forward to shake out the moisture and fixed his plait back. I watched him with my mouth open, awed by the sensation he impressed on me.
“Are you okay?” he asked, when he found me standing in the same position.
I nodded and plopped to the ground to remove my hiking shoes. I listened to the leaves rustling from his footsteps as he walked toward the hill, giving me some space.
I was stuffing my socks into my shoes when Weston’s joyful whooping cut into the air as he exited a dark opening on the hillside and dropped into the pool, spraying water all around.
“You must try this. It’s so much fun,” he shouted, swimming back to shore, his face a mask of joy.
I glanced over to the waterfall. If he only knew that just over on the other hillside there was a cave with a strange light-passage. Feeling my secret growing heavier, I trailed after Victor around the hill.
The path to the top was on the spine of the hillside, cutting through the frayed vegetation. It required a few minutes to climb to the top, but luckily the trail had been walked smooth.
At the end of the path was a black hole, carved into the mountain. I poked my head into the giant gap.
“Hello?” I yelled, but there was no echo.
Victor’s serious face eased with a smile, making his eyes shine. “Do you want to go in together?” he asked, opening his arms. 

Written and illustrated by A.B. Whelan

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I'm the author of the Fields of Elysium saga, which I like to call a young adult romantic fantasy. The first book of the series was inspired by amazing movies like Dirty Dancing, Avatar, and Twilight and earned praise from prestigious review companies and readers. I'm currently working on book three and four, and planning to write one more novella to finish the series, dedicated to another very interesting character in my story, The Prophet, the mysterious leader of the Arkanians.

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