Thursday, December 28, 2017

Coming soon: As Sick as Our Secrets by A. B. Whelan

After two years of media silence, which I spent writing my new book, I'm publishing my second psychological thriller critiques call an enticing, thrilling mystery with fantastic heroines and an elaborate yet easily followed timeline and plot construction that will keep readers engaged in the story.
Advanced Reader Copies will go out soon and I can't wait to read more reviews.

Here is the book cover for my pride and joy.

As Sick as Our Secrets 
A. B. Whelan
A psychological thriller
Expected publication: 02/14/2018
Pages: 414
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      As Sick as Our Secrets



Synopsis 1

You could have saved her. All clues were in front of you. Only you refused to open your eyes.

Over a decade ago, Olivia Campbell moved to the U.S. and married a wealthy businessman believing that her life was on the right track at last. She never expected her marriage to become so empty and meaningless. When Ashley Benson, her psychologist friend, asks for her help to find a missing young patient of hers—who narrowly escaped the Fifty Shades Killer clutches—she jumps at the opportunity.

As they trace back the footsteps of the missing girl, Olivia can’t stop drawing lines between the girl’s kidnapping story and her husband’s unorthodox lifestyle. Soon she discovers those lines become more tangled than she dares to admit. The investigation puts everybody involved under the microscope.

What these women didn’t foresee is that unearthing ugly secrets will test the bonds of their friendship and have them questioning their own integrity. Yet, sometimes life will break you down completely before you are able to rebuild again.

The clock is ticking. Which decision is the right one?



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