Tuesday, January 2, 2018

NetGalley: As Sick as Our Secrets

Looking away won't make the evil fade!

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"An enticing, thrilling mystery with fantastic heroines and an elaborate yet easily followed timeline and plot construction. The writing style is intelligent, witty, and conversational and will keep readers engaged in the story." --Kate, CreateSpace editor 

Short synopsis:
Seeking an outlet from her boring and purposeless marriage, Olivia Campbell finds herself deeply involved in a vigilante investigation into the murders of the Fifty Shades Killer. As Olivia traces back the footsteps of the missing girl, she can’t stop connecting the dots between the girl’s kidnapping and her husband’s unorthodox lifestyle. Fighting her own demons, she feels obligated to bring the killer to justice, even at the cost of her life. Now, torn between life-altering decisions, Olivia finds herself more alone than ever.

The clock is ticking. Which decision is the right one?


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